Code Audit

Code Audit

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Standardise your code with the help of our experts.


Magento Code Audit

With more than eight years of prowess in all things Magento, we certainly know a thing or two about the Magento. Generally, for retainer customers, or merchants approaching us with any grievances in their eCommerce website, we perform code audits once in a while to ascertain bugs/issues, security, performance, and violations of standard coding formats. Code Audits help in eradicating any significant flaws in the website introduced through erroneous codes. As a next step, we’re also offering the same, stand-alone service to new customers as well.


Magento Code Audit is a service that assesses the health of your Magento website and recommends action so that you can worry less about the website’s well-being and focus on growing your business.

Who’d need a Magento Code Audit?

Magento Code Audit from DCKAP is a solution for eCommerce store runners who are either facing poor performance from their already-functioning site or having second thoughts on the quality of the code employed. Also, an audit is mandatory once after tweaking the core functionalities of Magento, because third-party extensions and codes may end up messing with the core elements. Here’s a questionnaire and if the answer is Yes or I don’t know, to any of the following questions, then you likely need a Magento code audit.


Are you sure that the site’s healthy?

    • Is your site scalable, to address any unexpected traffic or growth?
    • Is the code compliant with the Magento coding standards?
    • Has the Magento core been modified?
    • Is PHP code included in the front-end templates?
    • Have third-party extensions been installed?
    • Have custom extensions been developed?
    • Are there any unused extensions?
    • Are there any custom JavaScripts?
    • Have the latest security patches been applied?
    • Are there legacy issues following the first phase of development from a previous site?
    • Is your backend/admin area on my Magento website so slow?


What happens in a Magento Code Audit?

The DCKAP team performing the audit will follow the PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard and PSR-2: Coding Style Guide. Magento recommends that developers who create Magento extensions and customizations also use these standards. The team performing the audit is Magento Certified and has developers with comprehensive experience in all things Magento.


Usually, the audit is performed in four levels: Code level, Performance audit, Server level, and Security level.


As such, once after completing the audit, a final report populates the Overall health report of the website, Roadmap to site improvements and optimization, actionable insights into fixing the problems, to name a few. This report will prioritize the issues that need immediate fixing, and will pave the way to the next steps that need to taken by the development to stabilize, secure, and scale the website.

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