• Sample Request for B2B

    Sample Request for B2B


    In B2B or B2C eCommerce involving bulk purchases, the customer prefers to check for a sample before …

  • Promotions Scheduler

    Promotions Scheduler


    Promotions Scheduler Promotions Scheduler is used to manage Magento® promotion rules using …

  • Speed Analyzer

    Speed Analyzer


    Speed Analyzer helps to analyze the performance of every block and template in the Magento® …

  • Tax By City

    Tax By City


    Tax by City extension helps retailers to manage tax calculations based on every city.Once the custom…

  • Analytics Engine

    Analytics Engine


    About Analytics Engine If Data is the new oil, we need proper analysis to harness the potential to …

  • Recommender



    About RecommenderUpsell, Cross sell products Tag and Category based recommendation 1-click Enable/Di…

  • Tracker



    Get instant notifications on out of stock products Instant & Real Time Worldwide tracking of or…

  • Advanced Stock Notification

    Advanced Stock Notification


    About Advanced Stock Notification Out of Stock Notification Subscription: Allows customers to subs…

  • Box Calculator

    Box Calculator


    Magento 2 Box Price Calculator extension from DCKAP helps you to sell products in area whi…