• Fast Order

    Fast Order


    Description: Fast order app allows customer to search and add products to the cart in two clicks fro…

  • Profiler



    DCKAP Profiler is a must have extension for the customers/developers who are looking for avenues to …

  • Review Coupons

    Review Coupons


    Introduction to Review Coupon: We all know online users love to see product review before making a p…

  • Tax Exemption

    Tax Exemption


    The Tax Exemption Magento2 extension is used to manage tax exemption certificates from customer acco…

  • Multiple Cart Items Delete

    Multiple Cart Items Delete


    Multiple Cart Item Delete module is used to select & delete multiple items in shopping cart. Oft…

  • Advanced Sample Orders

    Advanced Sample Orders


    In B2B or B2C eCommerce involving bulk purchases, the customer prefers to check for sample before pl…

  • Quick Order

    Quick Order


    Overview : Whenever a customer visits an online store, he/she will try to search and order the produ…

  • Happy Hours

    Happy Hours


    Happy Hours allows store owners to run campaigns / promotions in defined period of time. It also hel…

  • FAQ - Ask Questions

    FAQ - Ask Questions


    When you enter a supermarket, there is usually a helpful attendant to answers your queries and guide…