Terms & Conditions

When you obtain a product or a software from Klizer, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • When you obtain the software, you agree to the fact that you have carefully read the agreement. You also give consent to the content of the agreement as well as the terms. You agree to use the software in compliance to this particular agreement. 
  • The agreement gets legal as soon as you obtain the software from the site or even receive it through the email or through the data medium at the discretion.

DCKAP Inc, which is referred to as “DCKAP”, is the primary holder of the copyrights associated with the software. The software or even a portion of it is liable to copyrightable matter and is held under protection by law. Any activity which infringes the terms and the condition of this agreement.  Anybody violating the terms here will be prosecuted as per the current law. We actually reserve any right to revoke your license of any user who holds any invalid license. 

This particular Agreement provides you the option to utilize just the assigned copy of the Software on any one Magento® establishment which is exclusively for one's own or whichever business you wish to use it for, subject to any remaining terms mentioned in this Agreement. A different License needs to be acquired for each new Software establishment. Any dissemination of the Software without our knowledge and consent, including noncommercial dispersion is viewed as infringement of this Agreement and involves risk, as per the law today. 

  • You cannot use any part of any code as a whole or a part in the concerned software or the product you buy or even the website.
  • You may not give, or sell or distribute, lease, rent or even sun license any portion of this software. The documentation cannot be passed to anyone. You do not have the permission to place this software on any server so it is accessible through a public network such as the internet places for the purpose of distribution. 
  • You are liable to preserve the copyright information. This includes everything up till the text link at the bottom. 
  • Klizer reserves the right to publish any selected list of the users of the software.
  • We are not really liable and cannot be held accountable for any of the damages such as loss of profits or saving. These may be incidental or consequential. Any damage which is caused to you or your info and your business which arises out of an inability to use the software.
  • We are also not liable for any prosecution that arises from the use of the software against the law or if you use it illegally. 
  • If you fail to use this software in compliance with the terms and conditions of the said license agreement, then it counts as a breach of the contract as well as the license to use the program will get revoked. 

Klizer also reserves the right to change the license agreement at any point in time and also impose the clauses at any time. 

  • The license agreement remains in effect until it is terminated. We aso retain the right to cancel your license to use the software at any time. Even if it is in sole discretion, you not abiding to the terms and conditions would definitely cancel the agreement. Obscuring or removing the link to the copyright notice as mentioned in this agreement. You can terminate the contract by destroying all the copies of the software you own. But, at the same time; the agreement does not bind us to return the amount spent on the software you have brought. 
  • If you continue to use this software after Klizer ends up giving you the termination notice of the license, then you need to be ready to accept the injunction to enjoy you from its utility and pay all the costs. This includes but is not limited to the reasonable attorney fee. It can also cause us to enforce the revocation of the license you hold and the damages suffered by us because of the software misuse. 
  • The software is also designed towards working with a specific Magento® version and the branch of the version. Hence, it cannot be used on any edition or the version branch apart from the ones which are specified during the process of the purchase. Klizer does not provide the extension support in case of an wrong edition or the branch usage of the version.
  • The download of the free software upgrades and free technical support are limited by the duration of the support which is defined by the consumer during the purchase process.
  • In case of any significant structure and code changes in the Magento® 2 platform, the products which are designed for Magento® 1.X  branch will not be in compliance with Magento® 2.
  • The extensions are developed for Magento® 2  and will be considered as independent products and must be bought separately. 

We give our clients free updates of the item they purchase, restricted to the item form branch. That is to say, that purchasing an item from N.x offers the option to get free updates for the variant branch N. (N.x, N.x.x). After an update is accessible everything purchasers can download it from the "Downloadable items" region when signed in. Plus, an email warning is sent expressing new form accessibility. Programming overhauls download is likewise restricted by help duration characterized by the client during the purchase. 

Email Address
E-mail address needs to be valid, as it may come in use for further communication purposes. It is highly recommended that you use an e-mail address associated with any entity. Free emails may come in handy for registration as well as to complete the checkout process, but the orders are placed using the free email addresses are bound to be checked a lot more thoroughly and may even take longer for the activation as a result.

All items are accessible for download once the installment is acknowledged and confirmed. On the off chance that you can't download an item please check the status of your installment through the payment processor interface.